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BJP MLC Gopichand Padalkar Criticizes Saamana Editorial on INDIA Alliance Meeting, Political Tensions Escalate

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BJP MLC Gopichand Padalkar has voiced his criticism regarding the editorial published in the ‘Saamana’ newspaper, which discussed the two-day meeting of the opposition alliance known as INDIA, held in Mumbai. The editorial also touched upon the Modi government’s apprehensions concerning the INDIA alliance.

“The INDIA alliance’s mission revolves around combating authoritarian tendencies, with all its members actively engaged in this endeavor. This battle aims to safeguard our nation and uphold its constitutional values. Mumbai, historically known for its role in inspiring the British to ‘Go Away’ and ‘Quit India,’ now serves as the epicenter from which the INDIA alliance embarks on its challenge to dismantle dictatorship. INDIA is poised to triumph, preserving our nation’s unity and celebrating a victory for democracy,” declared Saamana, the Shiv Sena UBT mouthpiece, in its editorial.

The editorial strongly condemned the Central government’s decision to convene a special session on September 18, coinciding with Maharashtra’s significant and cherished Ganesh festival.

Drawing a parallel between a donkey and a dog, MLC Padalkar expressed his perspective on Twitter, emphasizing the consistency of one’s character. He likened Sanjay Raut to a parrot echoing Sharad Pawar’s words. To underscore his point, MLC Padalkar shared a couplet by Sant Tukaram, illustrating how various animals adhere to their inherent traits despite attempts to feign otherwise.

The editorial further asserted, “Even when four donkeys graze together, the dictator becomes anxious. He perceives them as plotting against him and conspiring to topple the government. In Mumbai, 28 prominent political parties and their experienced leaders convened for two days, united in their call to dismantle the authoritarian rule in our country. Consequently, the Modi government should take heed of the ‘INDIA’ alliance and feel its impact.


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