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Bihar BJP Chief Samrat Chaudhary Stokes Controversy, Likens Rahul Gandhi With Osama Bin Laden

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Bihar’s BJP President, Samrat Chaudhary, stirred controversy with his statement comparing Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to terrorist Osama bin Laden. Speaking at a public meeting on Friday in Araria, he claimed that Rahul Gandhi had transformed into Osama bin Laden by growing his beard and aspired to become the Prime Minister like Narendra Modi.

Continuing his remarks, Chaudhary referred to Rahul Gandhi as a ‘child’ and questioned his political acumen. He argued that at 50 years old, Rahul Gandhi lacked the necessary political intelligence, likening him to a person with the intellectual capacity of a child.

Addressing the issue of Love Jihad, Chaudhary pledged that if the BJP forms the government in Bihar, love jihadists will be identified and prosecuted. He further emphasized that those involved in cow slaughter would also face legal consequences. Chaudhary expressed the BJP’s commitment to identifying and deporting Bangladeshi infiltrators and criticized individuals who praise Pakistan while residing in India.

Taking a swipe at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the Bihar BJP President criticised Nitish Kumar’s stance on opposition unity. He questioned the opposition’s inability to decide on a prime ministerial candidate and suggested that Nitish Kumar’s mental state resembled the character of Aamir Khan in the film Ghajini.

Chaudhary attributed this condition to Nitish Kumar’s aspirations conflicting with the Prime Minister’s development projects. These controversial statements by the Bihar BJP President highlight the intensifying political atmosphere in the region.


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