Are we ready for Electric transportation?

Mumbai: Climate change is forcing us all to rethink the way we use our energy resources, and our attempts at exploring alternative sources of clean and green energy. Our industries and production units cannot go fully eco-friendly neither can our mining industry. And the next we could see is bringing down change in our fuel consumption in our vehicles. This involves turning fuel consumption of Petrol and Diesel to all Electric in our vehicles.

Electricity involves no emission of pollution and is a renewable source of energy which is an brownie point. But the question arises are we ready to go all Electric, because India involves 52% of rural population where assured electricity supply is a question mark. The all-India average duration of power cuts is 5 hours and 28 minutes. And there are some regions in India which do not even receive electricity with this sort of irregular supply are we ready to really change.

Given the vastness of India’s demography, there are villages which do not even have avcess to proper clean water supply. Moreover, one is not sure as to how much time will it take to install all the electric stations around the country.

Developing some parts of the country does not mean doing the justice to development. Are we still going to target the tier 1 cities for all the changes. Tier 1 cities involve a handful of population in front of a huge country like India. Till the time we get all the things in place, it will already be too late. – By Shubh Maheshwari

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