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Amit Shah Calls for Enhanced Counterterrorism Measures in Jammu & Kashmir

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In the aftermath of a tragic ambush in Poonch district that claimed the lives of five soldiers, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has underscored the imperative for bolstered counterterrorism efforts while emphasizing the adherence to due procedures in such operations. The directive comes amidst escalating tensions following the subsequent deaths of three civilians, leading to allegations of custodial torture.

Shah’s directives were revealed in an official statement where he urged security forces to intensify counterterrorism operations and strive for the complete eradication of the terror infrastructure in the Jammu & Kashmir region. However, he notably stressed the paramount importance of conducting these operations within the framework of established procedures, underlining the need for a delicate balance between operational effectiveness and adherence to legal norms.

The Home Minister’s focus on fortifying the area domination plan and augmenting the security grid highlights the gravity of the situation and the imperative to neutralize the persistent threat of terrorism in the region. This call to action also underscores the necessity for strategic deployment in vulnerable areas to mitigate potential risks effectively.

Moreover, Shah accentuated the pivotal role of a robust local intelligence network in combating terrorism, reiterating the Centre’s staunch commitment to a zero-tolerance policy against such threats. He commended the efforts of the security agencies and the administration in Jammu & Kashmir for their strides in curbing terror-related incidents, thwarting infiltration, and improving the overall law-and-order scenario.

The high-level security review meeting chaired by Shah saw the participation of key figures including National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla, heads of Intelligence Bureau, central paramilitary forces, and other senior officials. This gathering elucidated the comprehensive approach being adopted to address the evolving security challenges in the region.

The concerning surge in violence, particularly in Rajouri, Poonch, and Reasi districts, has been attributed to external efforts aimed at reviving terrorism within the region. A senior security official, speaking anonymously, highlighted the desperation from across the border to reignite turmoil in Jammu & Kashmir.

Government data further delineates a substantial decline in terrorism-related incidents, civilian casualties, and security personnel deaths in the region over the past few years. The stark contrast between the figures from earlier decades and recent years accentuates the progress made in mitigating the menace of terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir.

As the region grapples with sporadic instances of violence, the firm directives from the Home Minister underscore the resolve of the government to confront and dismantle the entrenched terror ecosystem while upholding the sanctity of established protocols and procedures in counterterrorism operations. This measured approach seeks to not only address the immediate security concerns but also pave the way for sustainable peace and stability in the troubled region.

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