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Amartya Sen is Alive and Well, Daughter Nandana Deb Sen Dispels Death Rumors

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Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen is alive and in good health, as confirmed by his daughter Nandana Deb Sen, who took to social media to address erroneous reports of his passing.

In a statement posted on X (formerly Twitter), Nandana Deb Sen said, “Friends, thanks for your concern, but it’s fake news: Baba is totally fine. We just spent a wonderful week together w/ family in Cambridge—his hug as strong as always last night when we said bye! He is teaching 2 courses a week at Harvard, working on his gender book—busy as ever!”

Accompanying her statement was a heartwarming photograph of her with her father, Amartya Sen, and her daughter, reaffirming his vitality and well-being.

The false reports of Amartya Sen’s demise had circulated on social media, causing concern among his admirers and well-wishers. Nandana Deb Sen’s clarification puts to rest any doubts regarding the esteemed economist’s health, reassuring the public that he continues to lead an active and productive life, contributing to academia and ongoing projects.


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