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WATCH! Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Under Fire for Controversial Remarks on Population Control

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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has ignited a firestorm of controversy following his recent speech in the state’s legislative assembly. During the presentation of caste-census statistics conducted by his government, the JD(U) chief attempted to convey a message about the correlation between women’s education and population control. However, the manner in which he articulated his point has sparked widespread criticism, with many on social media deeming his comments crass and vulgar.

In the assembly, CM Nitish Kumar highlighted the improvement in the literacy rate among women in Bihar and suggested that female education could contribute to population control. His remarks took a surprising turn when he stated, “When a woman is educated and she gets married, her husband is intimate with her regularly, especially during winters. This can contribute to a higher birth rate. Therefore, when a woman is educated, she is aware of this, she can tell her husband that don’t do it inside (ejaculate) in the end. Do it outside,” triggering mixed reactions from legislators, some of whom laughed while others were taken aback.

Nitish Kumar continued, “You understand it. The numbers are going down. Earlier, the total fertility rate (TFR) was 4.3%. Last year, we received the report that it (TFR) has now come down to 2.9%.”

In response to the Chief Minister’s comments, the Bihar BJP swiftly criticized him, stating, “One has never seen a politician in Indian politics like Nitish Babu, with such explicit behavior. It seems that Nitish Babu’s mind is tainted with the fascination for ‘B’ grade adult movies. There should be a public restriction on his double-meaning statements. It appears that he has taken on the traits of his partners.”

Social media users also lashed out at Nitish Kumar for his remarks, deeming them vulgar and inappropriate. One user expressed their anger, saying, “Has the Assembly been turned into a complete porn assembly? What dirty things are you saying? listen yourselves Wear headphones, can’t listen with family. Has Nitish Kumar gone mad? What rubbish is he talking? In the village, such people are referred to as they have become cranky in old age.”

Nitish Kumar’s speech has clearly caused a significant stir, with the controversy surrounding his comments on population control continuing to brew.


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