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Unveiling Controversy: Sanjay Raut’s Deleted Tweet Sparks Israel’s Outrage

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Sanjay Raut faced criticism for a tweet made on X (formerly known as Twitter) on October 14, which he later deleted. In this tweet, he made a reference to Hitler in the context of recent events involving Gaza and Israel.

Raut clarified that his intention was not to hurt Israel, stating that he criticized Hamas for attacking southern Israel and causing civilian casualties while also condemning the attacks on Gaza hospitals, particularly on newborns and children. He emphasized his belief that children should not be targeted during conflicts.

The controversy escalated when the Israel Embassy in India expressed disappointment over Raut’s tweet, labeling it as “anti-Semitic.” Raut subsequently stated that he deleted the post after receiving backlash and that he believes someone might have prompted the Israel High Commission in India to write to him a month after the initial tweet.

The tweet came seven days after Hamas attacked Israel, and Raut’s deletion of the post was perceived by some as an attempt to distance himself from any support for the Holocaust. The situation drew attention due to the sensitive nature of referencing Hitler in any context, especially concerning Israel and its history.


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