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Swindle Alert: 156 Mumbai Youth Scammed of Rs 5.14 Lakh While Attempting to Buy Falguni Pathak’s ‘Garba Night’ Passes

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A shocking deception unfolded in the bustling city of Mumbai as approximately 156 young individuals found themselves collectively swindled of Rs 5.14 lakh while attempting to purchase passes for an upcoming ‘garba night’ event featuring the renowned dandiya performer, Falguni Pathak. The unfortunate ordeal transpired when a man, posing as an authorized event dealer, failed to deliver the promised discounted tickets, leaving the affected youth no choice but to report the incident to the Mumbai police.

The perplexing saga began when a 20-year-old resident of Kandivali received information from an acquaintance. This acquaintance disclosed that an individual named Vishal Shah, claiming to be an authorized dealer for Falguni Pathak’s event in Borivali (West), was advertising passes at a reduced rate of Rs 3,300, significantly lower than the official price of Rs 4,500, as detailed in the police complaint.

Motivated by this seemingly attractive offer, the 20-year-old, who runs a painting business, decided to secure passes along with two of his friends. Word of this discounted opportunity quickly spread like wildfire, piquing the interest of an additional 153 individuals within their network who were eager to obtain these passes. Consequently, the 20-year-old and his two friends collected the necessary funds from the eager participants. On Thursday, they conveyed their readiness to purchase a total of 156 passes to Vishal Shah.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when Shah allegedly failed to provide the promised passes, leaving the aspiring event-goers empty-handed and significantly out of pocket. Realizing that they had fallen victim to a scam, the distressed youth decided to report the incident to the Mumbai police, seeking redress for their financial losses and retribution against those responsible.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities will work diligently to apprehend the culprits and bring justice to the victims of this unfortunate scam, shedding light on the importance of vigilance and caution when dealing with unauthorized event dealers and offers that seem too good to be true.


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