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Sweeper In UP’s Hardoi Forced To Apologise To Municipal President By Bowing At Her Feet

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In UP’s Hardoi district, the President of Pihani Municipality made a sweeper apologise to her by making him place his head at her feet, the video of which has gone viral on the internet. Although the sweeper says that the municipality chief is like a mother to him and he went to seek her blessings. On the other hand, the Municipal President has called it a political conspiracy against her.

Currently, the video is circulating widely on internet platforms, sparking discussions. Rajaram, a sanitation worker belonging to the Scheduled Caste and residing in Mohalla Mir Sarai of Pihani, expressed his apology by placing his head in front of Shaheen Begum, the Municipal President.

In the video that has been doing rounds, Rajaram is seen with folded hands near the feet of the municipal president, saying, “Please forgive me, I have made a grave mistake.” In the background, someone urges him to speak louder, and he repeats, “Please forgive me once again. I won’t make any more mistakes.” Following this, the Shaheen Begum asks the young man to stand up.

The Municipal President reportedly belongs to the Samajwadi Party.

Following the wide circulation of the video, Rajaram, who apologised by prostrating himself at the feet of the President, dismissed the video as a manipulation and referred to the president as a maternal figure while discussing the act of touching their feet. Conversely, the female president referred to the video as a conspiracy orchestrated by her political adversaries.

After the video went viral, the young man has submitted a written complaint to the police regarding the dissemination of false information in the video.


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