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Shinde Camp MLA Yamini Jadhav’s Startling Allegations Against Dean Of JJ Hospital; Demands For Transparent Probe

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Yamini Jadhav, a Shiv Sena (Shinde Camp) leader and the MLA from Byculla made serious allegations of financial wrongdoings against Dr. Pallavi Saple, the Dean of JJ Hospital and Medical College. During an assembly session, Jadhav raised the issue, claiming that Dr. Saple engaged in irregular financial activities, including selling plasma obtained from blood donations during her tenure at Miraj Government Medical College.

Jadhav’s ‘Point of Information’ in the Assembly unveiled startling accusations against Dr. Saple. According to Jadhav, the plasma sold by Dr. Saple was acquired from blood donated by relatives of patients.

The proceeds from these sales were allegedly used by Dr. Saple to purchase an ambulance valued at ₹13 lakh, which was later donated to the hospital in honour of her mother.

The Shiv Sena MLA implicated Dr. Milind Kesarkhane, alleging that both he and Dr. Saple collaborated to establish an HDFC Bank account to manage the funds generated from the plasma sales. Jadhav claimed to possess evidence supporting these claims, demanding a transparent investigation.

Additionally, a senior IAS officer named Vinita Singhal reportedly urged the government to suspend Dr. Saple and initiate a thorough investigation into her financial activities. This formal request further amplified the gravity of the allegations.

Jadhav also brought forth another claim, accusing Dr. Saple of using a rented car at an exorbitant monthly expense of Rs 1 lakh. Allegedly, this practice persisted since her time in Miraj, resulting in a cumulative expenditure of Rs 70 to 80 lakh. The significant sum spent on the car raised questions about its appropriateness and potential misuse of hospital funds.

In response to Jadhav’s serious allegations, Excise Minister Shambhuraj Desai assured prompt action. He promised to solicit detailed information from Jadhav and initiate a thorough investigation into the claims against Dr. Saple.


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