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Republicans unearth massive election fraud in US Prez polls, file class action suits demand annulment of polls


Mumbai: The Republicans claim to have busted as a massive, unprecedented election fraud in the 2020 US Presidential elections. Videos in possession of thenews21 clearly show how election counting agents and officials are erasing pencil marked ballot papers and marking them as votes for Democrat nominee Joe Biden. Enraged Republican supporters have demanded annulment of the polls as riots have begun in state of New York and elsewhere across the US. They have accused foreign influence from countries like Russia, China and Iran in the Presidential polls.

While according to RealClearPolitics.com there are more Projected Votes than actual Registered Votes, and worst still the voter turnout is in excess of 100%, clearly indicating that bogus voters being added. Republican Party supporter from New Jersey, Dev Karlekar disclosed that the Republicans have filed Class Action suits in courts demanding an audit trail of all the paper ballots.

In a major shot-in-the-arm for the Republicans, the US Supreme Court has directed segregation of late arriving ballot papers in Pennsylvania.

In series of Sting operations carried out by Republican Party workers at counting centers across the US, election counting officials can be clearly seen either erasing the vote cast in Trumps favor using pencils, marking them as Biden vote and stamping the same. If the election counting official could not erase the pen marked vote, the vote was destroyed and a fresh ballot was used to mark a Biden vote.

Taking serious note of the alleged “clear irregularities” in vote count, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has set up legal teams in four battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania, this was announced by RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Speaking to thenews21 from New Jersey, Karlekar disclosed that a United States Postal Service (USPS) postal worker was arrested on the Canadian border with bin of mail containing undelivered marked ballot papers.

He further alleged that countries like Russia and China do not want Donald Trump to be re-elected as the President. Already US Intelligence officials have hinted at possible interference in the election process by Russia and Iran.

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He further revealed that the 2020 US Presidential elections has been nothing

this election fraud of bogus voters, fake added voters, dead voters being added has been detected in predominantly in states like Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Georgia and others that have always voted Republican.

Giving details of how the voter fraud was committed, Karlekar further disclosed that he got three envelopes of Mail-in-Ballot (postal ballot) whereas; he and his wife are the only two eligible registered voters in their family. The third anonymous votes that most families received are nothing but duplicate or extra bogus vote. He argued that nearly 50% of such duplicate voters have cast their votes curtsey corrupted state election officials. This fraud has happened in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia which were Republican voting states and now suddenly turned Democrat.

He said that those innocent Americans who used pencil to mark their vote on the paper ballot, the election counting officials using erasers wiped out the Trump vote, remarked it as Biden vote, stamped it as vote cast and counted it as Biden vote. Where the voter marked his vote using a pen, they simply dumped it, used a blank ballot paper to mark the vote in favor of Biden.

All this was being done by driving out Republican Party appointed election observers in states like Georgia. One sting video shows a lady election official busy erasing Trump vote and marking 6 ballots in favor of Biden.

As for the added fake voters, Karlekar remarked “say for example Maharashtra has 11 crore population and 6 crore voter population, then in the elections 9 crore voters have cast their ballot. This means that nearly 3 to 4 crore extra bogus voters have cast their ballot.

In this 2020 elections, Biden got more votes in Republican voting states where in the 2016 elections his Democrat party nominee Hillary Clinton fared badly. Biden had a poor rating in terms of popular vote in these Republican states and yet mysteriously these states have voted for Biden.

Karlekar disclosed that Republican Party election observers were denied access to or entry into counting centers. It is for these reasons that President Donald Trump has demanded Audit trail of the paper ballot. Moreover, it is for these reasons that the Trump campaign has been demanding electronic voting.

He further argued that even though for example if there are 11 to 12 crore population in a state and 6 crore are eligible voters, then how can 10 to 22 crore people voting be considered technically correct?

“How do dead voters vote, voters from outside the state, other states have voted in another state, double ballots have been cast in the name of a voter. Innocent American voters who have used Pencils to mark their ballot, their vote has been wiped out by the election counting agents and marked as Biden vote. This is an undercover expose that we have done and we have filed Class Action suits in the matter”, remarked Karlekar.

It remains to be seen what the US Supreme Court and courts in states do as the current compositions in many courts is that out of the five judges appointed three were appointed by former Democrat president Barrack Obama.

In the case of bogus voters being added to the voters list in some key 8 states – Nevada, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Georgia, data released by RealClearPolitics.com is shocking>

In Nevada where Registered voters are 12,77,000, Projected voters are 15,93,143, the voter turnout is 125%! In Pennsylvania the Registered voters are 64,69,000, the Projected voters are 70,41,672 and the voter turnout is 109%. In Minnesota where the Registered voters are 30,00,000, the Projected voters are 31,97,528 and the voter turnout is 107%. In North Carolina where the Registered voters are 51,60,000, the Projected voters are 54,53,943 voters and a voter turnout of 106%.

In the case of Wisconsin state, the Registered voters are 31,29,000, the Projected voters are 32,83,532 and the voter turnout is 105%. In Michigan, the Registered voters are 54,53,000, the Projected voters are 57,16,581 and the voter turnout is 105%. In Arizona the Registered voters are 32,62,000, the Projected voters are 32,92,705 and a voter turnout is 101%. In Georgia the Registered voters are 48,40,000, the Projected voters are 46,62,728 and the voter turnout has been 96%.

This means that in Nevada 3,16,143 bogus voters were added, in Pennsylvania 5,72,672 bogus voters added, in Minnesota 1,97,528 bogus voters were added, in North Carolina 2,93.943 bogus voters were added, in Wisconsin 1,54,532 bogus voters added, Michigan 2,63,581 bogus voters were added and in Arizona 30,705 bogus voters were added. Interestingly enough names of 1,77,272 voters in Georgia were mysteriously deleted.

StateRegistered VotersProjected VotersTurnout PercentageAdded/Deleted Voters
North Carolina51,60,00054,53,943106%2,93,943
Georgia48,40,00046,62,72896%1,77,272 (minus)

 Source: RealClearPolitics.com

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Prashant Hamine
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