President of Bar Association Handwara, other newly elected members take oath of office

In conclusion, let us recommit ourselves to the principles of justice, fairness, and solidarity that lie at the heart of our profession.


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Srinagar: The oath taking ceremony of the newly elected executive body of the Bar Association of Handwara was administered by the Election Commission at TRC Handwara in which all the members of the bar and bench participated.

While addressing a gathering of lawyers President Adv Ghulam Nabi Khan reiterated his stand for adhering to and fulfilling the commitment of delivering justice and addressing the issues of lawyers.

The president was accompanied by his new body which included the Vice President of Bar Association Handwara Sheikh Rafi Afzal, General Secretary of the bar Association Sajad Ahmad Hajam, Treasurer Wahid Ahmad Mir and Joint Secretary of the Bar Owais Majeed Malik.

President Bar Association Handwara expressed his deepest gratitude for the trust that the bar members have bestowed upon him by electing him to serve as a member of this distinguished bar association. In his address to the lawyers, he said that it is truly an honour and a privilege to stand before you today, having taken the oath to uphold the principles of justice, integrity, and the rule of law.

As lawyers, we are entrusted with a sacred duty to defend the rights and liberties of our fellow citizens, to advocate for justice without fear or favour, and to uphold the highest ethical standards in our practice. With this oath, I reaffirm my commitment to these ideals and pledge to carry out my duties with diligence, fairness, and compassion.

Together, as members of this esteemed bar association, we have the opportunity to make a profound impact on our community and society at large. Whether we are advocating for the voiceless, representing the marginalized, or striving to improve our legal system, let us always remember the immense responsibility that comes with our profession.

In the face of adversity, let us remain steadfast in our pursuit of justice. In times of uncertainty, let us uphold the principles that define our profession. And in moments of triumph, let us celebrate the victories achieved in the name of justice and equality.

I am deeply grateful for the support and camaraderie of my fellow lawyers, and I look forward to working alongside each and every one of you to advance the cause of justice and uphold the rule of law.

Furthermore, we cannot overlook the day-to-day struggles faced by lawyers, particularly those at the beginning of their careers. From heavy workloads to financial pressures, the early years of legal practice can be incredibly demanding. As senior members of the bar, it is our responsibility to mentor and support our junior colleagues, providing guidance, encouragement, and assistance wherever possible. By fostering a culture of support and camaraderie, we can help alleviate some of the burdens that young lawyers face as they navigate the complexities of our profession.

In conclusion, let us recommit ourselves to the principles of justice, fairness, and solidarity that lie at the heart of our profession. By working together to address issues such as sanitation, courtroom efficiency, and the day-to-day challenges faced by lawyers, we can create a more conducive and inclusive legal environment for all. Let us strive towards a future where our courts are beacons of justice, our profession is respected, and the rights of all individuals are upheld.


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