PM Modi’s Parliament Speech: Top Quotes and Insights

PM Modi's speech in Parliament reflected his unwavering confidence in India's progress and his commitment to steering the nation towards greater heights of success.


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a robust response on Monday during the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address in Parliament. In his address, PM Modi didn’t hold back, launching a scathing attack on the Opposition, particularly the Congress party, while outlining his vision for India’s future.

Here are some of the key quotes from PM Modi’s impassioned speech:

  1. On National Pride: “This 75th Republic Day, the New Parliament, Sengol – all this was very impressive. We will always remember this.”
  2. On Democratic Honor: “When the President came to this new Parliament building to address all of us and the pride and honor with which Sengol led the entire procession – we were walking behind it. When we become a witness to the reflection of that holy moment of India’s independence in this new tradition in the new Parliament building, the honor of democracy rises.”
  3. On Opposition’s Courage: “I see that many of you (Opposition) have even lost the courage to contest elections. Some seats were changed last time too, I have heard that many people are looking to change their seats this time as well. I have also heard that many people now want to go to Rajya Sabha instead of Lok Sabha. They are looking for their paths by assessing the situation.”
  4. On the Role of Opposition: “Country needs a good, healthy opposition but Congress failed in its role and did not allow other voices to emerge in opposition.”
  5. On Congress’ Performance: “Congress’ shop on verge of closure in its attempt to launch the same product again and again. Congress is trapped in ‘cancel culture’, it seeks to cancel every achievement and success of the country.”
  6. On Nehru’s Perspective: “Nehru ji had said from Red Fort that Indians don’t have a habit of working hard. He said that we Indians don’t work as hard as those in Europe, Japan, China, Russia, and US. Nehru ji thought that Indians are lazy.”
  7. On India’s Economic Future: “On the basis of the experience of 10 years of governance, looking at today’s strong economy and the rapid speed with which India is progressing today, I can confidently say that in our third term, India will be the third largest economic power. This is Modi’s guarantee.”
  8. On Development Accomplishments: “We built 4 crore houses for the poor. For the urban poor, we built 80 lakh pucca houses. Had these been built at the speed of Congress…it would have taken 100 years to do this work. Five generations would have passed by then.”

PM Modi’s speech in Parliament reflected his unwavering confidence in India’s progress and his commitment to steering the nation towards greater heights of success.

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