PM Modi Unveils Astronaut Team for Gaganyaan Mission: India’s Historic Leap into Human Spaceflight

In addition to the Gaganyaan mission, PM Modi inaugurated three key space infrastructure projects valued at approximately Rs 1,800 crore.


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a historic announcement on Tuesday, revealing the names of the four astronauts selected to embark on India’s maiden human spaceflight mission, Gaganyaan, in a momentous stride for the nation’s space program.

During a comprehensive review of the mission’s progress, PM Modi personally bestowed astronaut wings upon the chosen candidates, marking a pivotal milestone in India’s journey towards space exploration. The Gaganyaan Mission stands as a testament to India’s technological prowess, with meticulous preparations underway at various ISRO facilities.

The distinguished quartet comprises Group Captain Prashanth Nair, Group Captain Ajit Krishnan, Group Captain Angad Pratap, and Wing Commander Shubhanshu Shukla, all esteemed pilots from the Indian Air Force (IAF). Their selection underscores India’s commitment to fostering indigenous talent and expertise in space exploration.

Addressing the gathering, PM Modi called upon everyone to accord a standing ovation to the astronauts, hailing them as the vanguards of India’s aspirations in space. Emphasizing the significance of the moment, he proclaimed, “An Indian is going to space, after 40 years. This time, the time is ours, the countdown is ours and the rocket is also ours.”

Expressing pride in India’s strides in space exploration, PM Modi lauded the astronauts as the epitome of the nation’s ambition and resolve. “You are the pride of today’s India,” he affirmed, extending heartfelt congratulations on behalf of the entire nation.

Looking towards the future, PM Modi outlined India’s ambitious space agenda, including plans to establish its own space station by 2035 and land an Indian astronaut on the moon’s surface using indigenous technology. These endeavors underscore India’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration and technological innovation.

In addition to the Gaganyaan mission, PM Modi inaugurated three key space infrastructure projects valued at approximately Rs 1,800 crore. These initiatives, including the PSLV Integration Facility, a Semi-cryogenics Integrated Engine and Stage Test Facility, and the Trisonic Wind Tunnel, signify India’s dedication to fostering cutting-edge capabilities in the space sector.

With the scheduled launch of the Gaganyaan project in 2025, India is poised to showcase its ability to send humans into space and usher in a new era of space exploration, firmly establishing itself as a global leader in the field.

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