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People know Modi’s real face, he does not belong to the Hindus, nor to the Muslims, nor to the country, says Nana Patole

Before accusing Congress of corruption, Modi should see the corruption by the BJP governments.

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Mumbai: Launching a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi here on Thursday, Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) President Nana Patole demanded that the Prime Minister first respond to the allegation that the Karnataka CM’s post has been auctioned for Rs 2500 crores.

Responding to queries from media persons over the fluid political situation in Maharashtra, he remarked “All the plans of the Congress are ready based on the political situation in the state, we will take a decision at the right time”.

Criticising the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which is in power at the centre, Patole stated that the BJP has not done anything for the people in the last nine years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed miserably on all fronts, and this is the first time the country has seen a Prime Minister running the country by selling the country’s wealth. The real face of Narendra Modi is now known to the people of the country and he neither belongs to the Hindus, nor Muslims, nor to the country, said Nana

attacking the Modi government. 

The MPCC president said that the people gave BJP power twice at the centre with a majority, but now the BJP must answer what it gave to the people. “You don’t need BJP’s certificate to tell what Congress has done in 60 years. After independence the country had nothing, from a needle to a rocket was achieved under the leadership of the Congress government”, remarked Patole.

Patole further added, “The country reached the pinnacle of development, making India a superpower in the world under the Congress. If the Congress governments had not worked for the development, where would the wealth of the country that Narendra Modi is selling today would have come from. Narendra Modi should stop what he is doing to mislead the people by continuously putting up arguments against the Congress. It has been nine years since Narendra Modi came to power, what has he done for the country?”, questioned the MPCC president. 

Replying to queries from newspersons, the MPCC president stated that before accusing Congress of corruption, Narendra Modi should look into the state governments of his parties. “In Karnataka, the Chief Minister’s post was auctioned for Rs 2500 crore… Former Chief Minister Jagdish Shettar himself has said that. Karnataka has a 40% commission government; Narendra Modi should give an answer to all these allegations first. You cannot exonerate yourself by accusing the Congress. You must answer allegations of corruption levelled against your party. If you want to continue to mislead people by making baseless accusations against Congress, remember that people know your real face”, remarked Patole further.

Replying to further queries from the media persons, MPCC president Nana Patole said that Congress does not want to get involved in the competition for the post of chief minister in the state.

Clarifying further he remarked, “People’s issues are important for Congress. We are fighting for people’s issues. The public will decide who will be the Chief Minister. Congress has Plan B, Plan C, all the plans are ready, we will open those plans at the right time. Currently, the people of the state are facing many problems, farmers are suffering due to bad weather and hailstorm, there is rising inflation, the Barsu project is being imposed forcefully. There was a massacre in Kharghar in a government program, the government is covering it up. People’s issues are important, we focus on them”. Nana Patole added that Congress was not interested in any other discussions.


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