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Mir Junaid meets Union Minister of State for Law and Justice, & the Minister of State for Panchayat Raj, Prof. S P Baghel and Kapil Patil

Mir apprised the honourable Ministers for the youth led grassroots development plan for Kupwara District.


Srinagar: Mir Junaid, President of J&K Workers Party, met Union Minister of State for Panchayat Raj, Kapil Patil and Minister of State for Law and Justice, Prof S P Baghel on Thursday and apprised them of the youth-led developmental plan of Kupwara district, especially one that would involve a symbiotic relationship between the grassroots elected representatives, and the youth of the area.

He pointed how both the administration of developmental work and justice at the grassroots level were fundamental to erasing the cancer of radicalism, and separatism in the valley.

On behalf of the people of the Kupwara district, Mir conveyed his gratitude to the honourable dignitaries, especially for the support and seriousness the present dispensation had shown to the flourishing of grassroots democracy in J&K. He also impressed upon the honourable Ministers- the enthusiasm young men and women had shown in joining the new grassroots led growth and development.

Mir requested the dignitaries that Kashmiri Panchayats should be developed on the Pali Panchayat model, keeping in mind the need for modern infrastructure and sustainable development. In this regard, he requested that world class carbon neutral infrastructure for Panchayats be built under the Gram Urja Swaraj Programme.

Mir Junaid requested the honourable Minister of State for Law and Justice to

strengthen the Legal Services authority in Kupwara, as legal help to the poor and

marginalised is a right recognised in the Directive Principles of our Constitution. In this J&K, starting from Kupwara District. He said that this would bring much needed relief to the parties that have been waiting for justice for years.

Mir insisted on infrastructure for lawyers in courts in the form of chambers, and two separate lawyers colonies in Kupwara & Handwara. He reiterated that constitutional safeguards should be provided to citizens specially youth of the border district Kupwara. Mir suggested that separate legal wing should be created for Jammu & Kashmir police for incredible investigation of crimes which will ultimately result in increase in conviction rate in Jammu and Kashmir which unfortunately records very low as of now. Same will also provide employment opportunities to young law graduates of Jammu and Kashmir.

Mir also discussed the issue of unemployment and the plan of providing employment to 80% of youth in the coming years.

The Ministers in turn appreciated Mir Junaid’s suggestions and discusses the approach that could be formulated so that the work could begin. They also appreciated Mir for his immense contribution of bringing Kashmiri youth into the arena of nationalism, patriotism and development.

Aadil Akbar
Aadil Akbar
Special Correspondent (Jammu and Kashmir) - The author is a young journalist working in the field since the past 6 years. He has covered politics and human interest stories including war-like situation the Kashmir valley.


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