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Mahant Balaknath Emerges as Frontrunner for Chief Minister in Rajasthan Assembly Elections

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In a dramatic turn of events, Mahant Balaknath, the BJP candidate in the Rajasthan Assembly polls, is surging ahead as the favored contender for the chief ministerial position as per the latest trends. These trends depict the BJP comfortably surpassing the halfway mark in the state elections.

Balaknath, a Lok Sabha MP from Alwar and a youthful figure at 40 years old, has garnered a substantial lead in his Tijara constituency, leaving the Congress far behind in the race.

Expressing confidence, Balaknath revealed to ANI his anticipation of the BJP independently securing over 120 seats in Rajasthan, indicating a strong belief in the party’s electoral performance this time.

Ahead of the vote count today, Balaknath commenced the day by visiting a Lord Shiva temple, offering prayers before the unfolding results.

When asked about the BJP’s remarkable showing in Rajasthan, Balaknath highlighted the public’s desire to oust the Congress, citing issues of corruption, women’s safety concerns, and the increasing crime rate.

Notably, Balaknath had a meeting with Organisation General Secretary BL Santosh at the BJP headquarters a day before the results were announced. Addressing queries about the meeting, Balaknath labeled it as a courtesy call.

Regarding the potential elevation to the role of Chief Minister, Balaknath underscored the BJP’s collective leadership ethos, stating that the decision regarding the chief ministerial position is a prerogative of the party. He reiterated his contentment with his current role as an MP, expressing his commitment to serving society.

With the evolving political landscape in Rajasthan, the emergence of Mahant Balaknath as a prominent figure for the top state leadership position brings a new dimension to the post-election scenario.


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