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Like Karnataka, show strength of women power in upcoming elections as well: Netta D’Souza

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Mumbai: Women’s power is significant as they constitute 50 percent of the population. The Modi government’s defeat is inevitable if women actively participate in voting. Inflation has increased tremendously during the Modi government and women have to face this inflation first. Inflation has made it difficult for the common man to survive. Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee President Nana Patole has said that Mahila Congress should take an aggressive stance and question the Modi government at the Centre.

The executive meeting of the Maharashtra Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee was held at Tilak Bhavan. Nana Patole was addressing this meeting. Mahila Congress National President Netta D’Souza, Mahila Congress State President Sandhya Savvalakhe and women officials from across the state were present.

Speaking on the occasion, Netta D’Souza said that former Prime Minister Rajivji Gandhi has given 50 percent reservation to women in local bodies, Rajivji Gandhi has done a historic work of increasing women’s participation in politics. Don’t forget that 50% opportunity is also 50% responsibility. Carry out the responsibility given to you properly. In Karnataka, women campaigned from door to door and contributed to the victory. Women should actively participate in campaigning in every next election. No post is permanent, work to do justice to what the party has entrusted you with. Netta D’Souza also said that 2024 elections are near, so work hard and try to bring Congress to power.

Women’s Congress state president Sandhya Savvalakhe said on this occasion that atrocities against women have increased in the state. A girl was raped in a local in Mumbai, a girl was sexually assaulted and killed in a women’s hostel near Churchgate. In Mumbai, a murderer committed the most despicable form of dismembering a woman. Incidents of violence against women have also increased in other parts of the state. The Shinde-Fadnavis government has failed to stop the oppression of women. Mahila Congress has consistently raised its voice against the BJP government at the Center and in the state and will continue to raise its voice on the burning issues of the people including women’s issues. Savvalakhe also said that women will campaign in large numbers in the upcoming elections and will use all their strength to make Congress win.


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