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Leader of Opposition Vijay Wadettiwar Demands Increased Security Amidst Growing Tensions with Maratha Quota Activist

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In the midst of escalating tensions following a public spat with Maratha quota activist Manoj Jarange-Patil, Leader of Opposition Vijay Wadettiwar has written to the Chief Minister and Home Minister seeking heightened security cover. Wadettiwar, a Congress leader, currently enjoys ‘Y+’ security, providing him with three constables and a police vehicle. However, he now insists on an upgrade following alleged threatening phone calls he received.

The political landscape in the state is fraught with discord between Maratha and Other Backward Classes (OBC) leaders. Wadettiwar, belonging to the OBC category, recently clashed with Jarange-Patil over the latter’s demand for ‘Kunbi’ caste certificates for all Marathas in the state. Wadettiwar condemned the proposal, labeling it as “injustice” to the 372 sub-castes under the OBC category.

This exchange led to a sharp retort from Jarange-Patil, accusing OBC leaders of lacking empathy for the economically disadvantaged sections among the Marathas. The ensuing rift has contributed to a charged political atmosphere in the state.

While confirming his letter to the Chief Minister and Home Minister on Monday, Wadettiwar refrained from divulging the specifics of the threats he had received or the details shared with the authorities. Addressing the media in Nagpur, he laid blame on the government for its perceived inaction toward OBC communities. “All the issues of the OBC community have remained unresolved in the tenure of the Shinde government. They only want OBC votes and don’t want to do anything because the community is not politically united,” he asserted.

Wadettiwar also took the opportunity to criticize Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar’s recent trip to Delhi. Alleging discontent within the alliance, he claimed, “Ajit Pawar is unhappy in the alliance, and I heard from reliable sources that he complained against Eknath Shinde to the BJP bosses in Delhi.” These statements add a new dimension to the ongoing political dynamics within the state, hinting at internal dissension within the ruling coalition.


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