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Indian Parliament’s Special Session to Commence in Historic Building, Transition to New Facility on Ganesh Chaturthi

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According to insider sources, the Special Session of Parliament is slated to commence on September 18th in the historic old building, with plans to transition to the newly constructed facility on September 19th, coinciding with the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Previously, the opposition alliance in India had confirmed its participation in the upcoming Special Session of Parliament, scheduled to run from September 18th to 22nd.

Considerable speculation has arisen surrounding the purpose behind convening this Special Monsoon Session, with potential agenda items ranging from ‘One Nation, One Election’ to the Women’s Reservation Bill and the adoption of “Bharat” as the official name in lieu of “India.”

The new Indian Parliament building, emblematic of the nation’s democratic spirit and progress, stands as a testament to India’s commitment to modernization and development. Conceived by the renowned architect Bimal Patel, this architectural marvel is poised to replace the venerable yet aging structure that has housed India’s legislative body since the country’s independence in 1947.

The new Parliament building effortlessly marries contemporary design with Indian heritage, seamlessly blending modernity with tradition. Its magnificent dome, inspired by the Ashoka Chakra, serves as a striking homage to India’s rich history. Furthermore, the design integrates sustainable elements, ensuring energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, the new Parliament building is primed to support efficient legislative processes. It offers ample space for both houses of Parliament, the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, while also providing modern amenities to cater to the requirements of lawmakers and the general public.


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