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Read to Know: Election Commission’s Detailed FAQs Address Concerns Surrounding EVMs

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In response to growing apprehensions raised by the Opposition INDIA bloc regarding Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), the Election Commission (EC) of India has undertaken a comprehensive revision and expansion of its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. This revision aims to elucidate and dispel doubts surrounding various aspects of EVMs, addressing concerns raised by the opposition bloc.

The revised FAQs, uploaded on August 23, now encompass 76 questions, a substantial increase from the earlier version that addressed 39 queries. Key among the addressed concerns was the differentiation between Indian EVMs and those banned in Germany, the security measures in EVM manufacturing, the integrity of VVPATs (voter verifiable paper audit trail), and debunking claims of potential tampering through external devices like cellphones or Bluetooth.

One of the significant clarifications revolved around the involvement of EVM manufacturers Bharat Electronics Ltd and Electronics Corporation of India Ltd (BEL/ECIL) with foreign chip manufacturers. The EC emphasized that the process involves high-level security measures within the manufacturing facilities, with firmware being loaded into microcontrollers under strict protocols within designated secure areas accessible only to authorized personnel.

Addressing doubts about VVPATs, the EC delineated the dual nature of their memory storage—program instructions for microcontrollers and graphical images of candidates’ symbols, loaded in the presence of candidates or their representatives.

Regarding comparisons with EVMs banned in Germany, the EC stressed the stringent manufacturing processes in Indian facilities, stating that Indian EVMs implement technologies and processes that differ significantly from those banned by the German Constitutional Court. The EC further highlighted the trust placed in Indian EVMs by the Supreme Court and various High Courts following thorough scrutiny.

The FAQs also aimed to counter claims of EVM tampering through cellphone or Bluetooth devices, dismissing such assertions as baseless and unscientific. The EC referenced publicly available technical information about microcontrollers and debunked theories about built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi modules within these devices.

Additionally, the FAQs addressed controversies surrounding purported missing EVMs, clarifying that the matter is sub-judice and emphasizing that the issue has been misrepresented by vested interests.

Beyond dispelling doubts, the FAQ section on the EC’s website offers extensive information on EVM and VVPAT manufacturing, costs, testing procedures, transportation, and deployment, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of the electoral process’s technical aspects.

The EC’s meticulous efforts to address concerns and provide transparent information reflect a commitment to bolstering public confidence in the electoral system, emphasizing the robustness and reliability of India’s voting technologies.

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