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Controversy Erupts Over Rahul Gandhi Naming His Pet Dog ‘Noorie’

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Earlier this month, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi welcomed a delightful addition to his family in the form of an adorable dog, which he affectionately named ‘Noorie.’ However, the choice of the name has sparked controversy, with some Muslim leaders criticizing it as an insult to the women of the community.

AIMIM Leader Raises Concerns

AIMIM Leader Mohammad Farhan addressed the matter in a video statement, saying, “Many Muslim women are given this name. I want to ask the Congress party, which terms itself as secular, and Muslim politicians whether it was right to keep their dog’s name as Noorie.”

Farhan went on to question whether Rahul Gandhi would consider apologizing to Muslim girls and women for giving the name of one commonly used by them to a pet dog. He remarked, “Kya is krit ke liye, Rahul Gandhi ji desh ke tamaam Muslim betiyo se aur beheno se maafi maangenge?” The leader expressed that if an apology is not extended, it could reflect on how the Gandhi family views Muslims.

The controversy emerged on World Animal Day 2023, observed on October 4, when Rahul Gandhi surprised his mother with a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, introducing it as the “newest member” of their family.

Rahul Gandhi shared a video on YouTube, capturing his visit to Goa and the introduction of the puppy to his mother. The clip quickly went viral, showing Sonia Gandhi holding the dog in her arms and exclaiming, “So cute.” Rahul was seen playing with the puppy. Subsequently, the pet was transported to New Delhi.

The debate over the choice of the dog’s name ‘Noorie’ has ignited discussions on cultural sensitivity and the importance of considering the implications of names in a diverse and pluralistic society.


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