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BRS Promises Special IT Park for Minority Youths in Bid to Secure Votes

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In a strategic move aimed at garnering support from minority communities, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, President of the BRS party, pledged the establishment of a dedicated Information Technology (IT) park near Hyderabad for the advancement of minority youths if re-elected.

During a rally at Maheshwaram, KCR emphasized the government’s inclusive approach, stating, “We regard Muslims and Hindus as two eyes and ensure the collective progress of all. Our initiatives encompass everyone, evident in pension provisions and the establishment of residential schools benefiting Muslim students.”

Highlighting the future plan, KCR stated, “Our focus extends to the empowerment of Muslim youths. Therefore, we envision the creation of a specialized IT park near Hyderabad, precisely near Pahadi Shareef, tailored to their needs.”

Taking a swipe at the BJP, KCR voiced concerns about the party’s impact on the nation’s harmony. In a rally in Zaheerabad, he criticized the BJP, accusing them of disrupting the country’s atmosphere without providing any substantial benefits to its citizens.



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