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Bizarre! UK Man Tries To Have Sex With Tree, Arrested After Video Goes Viral

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In a bizarre incident reported from England’s Salisbury area, a man was found trying to openly have sex with a tree. The pervert behaviour was recorded on camera and the footage showed him stripping off to kiss and rub his private parts against the stump of the tree there.

(Warning: Video contains explicit content)

According to reports, the incident took place at the popular Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury. In the video, the man identified to be in his 40s went naked in the public space and tried to indecently approach the tree on Tuesday evening (local time). When onlookers spot this man getting intimate with the tree and one of them filmed the video of the entire incident before the police turned up and did the needful.

“I was just walking in the park with one of my mates and we saw a man hugging a tree and thought it was interesting. We walked closer and as we did, we saw his trousers down and this is pure gold. That’s why I started recording and he just started taking off all his clothes and kissing the tree. After I stopped recording, the police turned up and started following the man around then arrested him,” an eyewitness told media.

The video surfaced online and drew the attention of authorities, leading to legal action. The man was arrested and taken into custody by the Wiltshire Police, later reportedly released on bail.


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