Ayodhya’s Ram Temple Welcomes Multiple Ram Lalla Idols with Grand Pran-Pratistha Ceremony: What Will Happen to the Original Idol?

The original Ram Lalla idol, standing at a modest five to six inches, has been part of the temple's sanctum sanctorum.


In a significant development for Ayodhya’s Ram Temple, the pran-pratistha ceremony for the 51-inch idol of Ram Lalla sculpted by Arun Yogiraj took place on Monday. This event adds another layer to the temple’s spiritual ambiance as it now houses four Ram Lalla idols, each with its unique significance.

The original Ram Lalla idol, standing at a modest five to six inches, has been part of the temple’s sanctum sanctorum. However, a new 51-inch idol was introduced to address visibility concerns, as the original one was not easily discernible from a distance of 25 to 30 feet. The new idol, meticulously crafted by Karnataka’s Arun Yogiraj, now graces the sanctum sanctorum.

During the pran-pratistha rituals at 12:20 pm on Monday, the eyes of the 51-inch idol were unveiled, marking a momentous occasion for devotees. The selection of this idol was based on its embodiment of the desired qualities – a harmonious blend of child-like innocence, divinity, and royalty, as per the Trust members.

While the 51-inch dark stone idol became the focal point for pran-pratistha, the temple Trust announced that the original five to six-inch idol will be positioned in front of the new idol, facing it with reverence. Both idols will share space in the temple, underscoring the inclusive nature of the sacred site.

Additionally, two more Ram Lalla idols, carved in dark stone and pure white Makrana marble from Rajasthan, will find their place on the first and second floors of the temple, respectively. Despite not being chosen for the pran-pratistha rituals, these idols will be accorded all due honor and respect by the Trust.

The meticulous planning and artistic precision involved in creating these idols, guided by a sketch provided by Mumbai-based artist Vasudeo Kamath, showcase the devotion and commitment of the artisans involved. As these idols are enshrined in their respective locations, the temple Trust ensures that all rituals are meticulously performed, further enhancing the spiritual significance of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

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