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Alleged Misogynistic Gesture: Rahul Gandhi’s Flying Kiss Sparks Controversy in Lok Sabha

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During Wednesday’s no-confidence debate in the Lok Sabha, an uncommon incident reportedly occurred involving Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Allegedly, after delivering a fervent speech, Rahul Gandhi blew a flying kiss towards BJP’s Smriti Irani. Reacting promptly to this action by the Wayanad MP, BJP women ministers and MPs decided to file a complaint with the Lok Sabha speaker, citing Rahul’s alleged ‘flying kiss’ to Smriti Irani as he exited the house following his speech.

Amethi MP Smriti Irani also brought up the matter before the Speaker, labeling Rahul Gandhi as a misogynistic individual who would send a flying kiss to a female Member of Parliament. Her speech prompted BJP MPs to chant “shame shame” against Rahul Gandhi, who promptly departed for Rajasthan after his impassioned speech against PM Modi and the BJP.

“I object to something, Mr. Speaker. The person who was given the opportunity to speak before me made an indecent gesture. It takes a misogynistic individual to send a flying kiss to a female Member of Parliament. This kind of disrespectful gesture has never been witnessed in the country’s Parliament. This is the image of the family that the country has now seen through this Parliament,” she expressed.

When discussing the incident with reporters stationed outside the Parliament complex, Irani commented, “Rahul Gandhi’s actions in the Parliament today have been quite evident. In the House where laws are formulated to safeguard the dignity of women, the session has become a witness to a man’s misogyny… The Gandhi family’s values seem to encompass misogyny and inappropriate behavior towards women.”


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