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After Joshimath now UP’s Aligarh raises alarm; cracks and leaks appear on houses

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Locals in the Kanwariganj neighbourhood of Aligarh have been alarmed by abrupt fractures in a few homes amid worries related to soil subsidence in the Joshimath area of Uttarakhand.

Locals claim that a pipeline that was installed by the government as part of the Smart City programme is currently leaking and developing cracks.

“For the last several days, cracks have appeared in some of our houses due to which we are forced to live in panic. We have also complained about it but the Municipal Corporation authorities are not taking any concrete action and are only giving assurance. We are afraid that the houses may collapse,” a local, Shashi said.

“It has been 3-4 days. We have intimated about the same to the department, but no assistance has been provided so far. We are being forced to live in terror,” Afsha Mashroor, a local said.

Meanwhile, the Additional Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Rakesh Kumar Yadav took cognisance of the issue and said that necessary action will be taken by the department. “We have just received the information that there have been cracks in some houses in the Kanwariganj area. The matter has not yet come to full notice. We will now send our team to the site and the necessary action will be taken by the Municipal Corporation,” assured Yadav.


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