Aamir Khan’s Son Junaid’s Debut Film ‘Maharaj’: YRF and Netflix Seek Gujarat High Court’s Approval for Release Amid Controversy

The plea by YRF and Netflix to lift the stay on ‘Maharaj’ underscores their optimism for a favorable outcome in court.


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Following the Gujarat High Court’s recent order to halt the release of Junaid Khan’s debut film ‘Maharaj’, production house Yash Raj Films (YRF) and streaming platform Netflix have filed pleas urging the court to lift the stay on its streaming.

The controversy surrounding ‘Maharaj’ erupted after a Hindu group approached the court, seeking a ban on the film, alleging that it hurt religious sentiments. As per the court’s directive, the film’s release has been halted until June 18, pending further legal proceedings.

A veteran industry insider, speaking to Firstpost, revealed, “YRF and Netflix are challenging the stay order in court. ‘Maharaj’ is based on a real-life case adapted from Saurabh Shah’s book of the same name. The film portrays the story of social reformer Karsan Das Mulji, who exposed the abuse of power by a temple leader within the Vaishnav community.”

Defending the film’s premise, YRF stated in their application that ‘Maharaj’ does not vilify the Vaishnav community or its beliefs. Instead, it focuses on the positive impact of Karsan Das Mulji’s efforts to bring about social reform.

Author Saurabh Shah, whose book inspired the film, took to social media to clarify the intentions behind ‘Maharaj’. In a post shared on X (formerly Twitter), Shah emphasized, “Please watch the film ‘Maharaj’ and share your opinion. This film is neither against Sanatan nor the Vaishnav sect. My entire family and I are part of the Vaishnav community with full devotion.”

Shah further highlighted the historical significance of the real-life events depicted in the film, stating, “It was because of this case in 1862 that society was cleansed, and even today, lakhs of devotees thank Karsan Das Mulji. ‘Maharaj’ is a story that Hindus should be proud of.”

The plea by YRF and Netflix to lift the stay on ‘Maharaj’ underscores their optimism for a favorable outcome in court. The controversy has sparked a debate on artistic freedom versus religious sensitivities, with stakeholders from both sides presenting their arguments before the judiciary.


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