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41 Trapped Workers Rescued from Silkyara Tunnel After 17-Day Ordeal

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In a historic and daring operation, rescue teams from the NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) and SDRF (State Disaster Response Force) successfully evacuated 41 trapped workers from the collapsed Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi. The remarkable rescue mission culminated on Tuesday evening, marking an end to the harrowing 17-day ordeal endured by the workers.

The teams meticulously drilled through a 60-meter stretch of rubble within the tunnel, finally reaching the trapped individuals. Employing an innovative approach, each worker was carefully placed on wheeled stretchers and pulled out by rescue workers using ropes.

The operation, conducted with precision and efficiency, saw the first batch of five workers brought out of the tunnel via an escape pipe, with the first worker emerging around 8 PM IST. Notably, the entire evacuation of all 41 individuals was completed in less than an hour, showcasing the dedication and skill of the rescue teams involved.

This remarkable feat highlights the resilience and unwavering efforts of the rescue teams, providing a moment of relief and joy after a challenging period for both the trapped workers and their families.


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