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Warkari community insulted by the BJP govt by allowing Dhirendra Shastri’s programme, says Atul Londhe

BJP Manuwadi supporting the fraud of Bageshwar Dham

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Mumbai: Jagatguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj and Warkari movement are a great tradition that Maharashtra has benefited from. Today, in Maharashtra, the land of great saints, the work of desecrating saints is being openly allowed. Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) chief spokesperson Atul Londhe on Saturday criticized the BJP-led government in the state for allowing the event of a scamster from Bageshwar Dham. Londhe said that the government has insulted Saint Tukaram Maharaj and the Warkari community by allowing the program to be held.

Commenting over the issue, Atul Londhe said that the state government is not taking any action against Dhirendra Shastri, who insulted Jagatguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj, instead, it has allowed his two-day program at Mira Road. The Congress party had demanded that the program should not be allowed. Even though some organizations have opposed this program, the BJP-led government has once again given its stamp of approval by allowing the program. The Warkari sect has never followed any caste.

The government has shown Maharashtra, which believes in Jagatguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj and Warkari sect, that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is anti-Warkari. They want people like Bhondubaba of Bageshwar Dham who are disciplinarians, casteist, and create discord on the basis of religion.


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