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Supreme Court Lawyer Allegedly Murdered by Husband Amid Property Dispute

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In a deeply disturbing turn of events, a 61-year-old Supreme Court attorney met a tragic demise, allegedly at the hands of her husband, within the confines of their residence in Noida. The authorities have pointed to a property dispute as the catalyst behind this shocking incident.

The accused, Ajay Nath, aged 62 and formerly associated with the Indian Revenue Service, was apprehended in connection with the purported murder of his wife, Renu Sinha, a legal luminary in the Supreme Court.

This grim episode came to light when Sinha’s brother expressed concern over her prolonged absence, having failed to reach her through multiple phone calls over a two-day period. Acting on this information, the local police initiated a welfare check, leading them to forcibly enter the residence where they discovered Sinha’s lifeless body in the bathroom.

Initially, Nath had gone missing, but a concerted effort by law enforcement resulted in the discovery of his hiding place in the bungalow’s storeroom, where he had reportedly concealed himself for approximately 24 hours. He had locked the premises and sought refuge on the terrace. Following this discovery, Nath was taken into custody for further questioning.

During subsequent interrogation, Nath admitted to his involvement in the tragic death of his wife, revealing that it was rooted in a dispute over the property. Nath had devised a plan to sell their bungalow for a considerable sum of Rs 4 crore and had even received an advance payment for it. However, Sinha vehemently opposed the sale. Tragically, Sinha had been grappling with cancer, and just a month prior to her alleged murder, she had received the heartening news of being declared cancer-free.

Preliminary investigations have indicated that Sinha may have succumbed to excessive blood loss, though the exact cause of her death will be definitively determined through a postmortem examination.

Authorities have meticulously collected evidence from the crime scene, and an exhaustive investigation is currently underway to shed light on this harrowing incident.



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