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Senior JD(U) Leader Lalan Paswan Resigns, Prashant Kishor Predicts Bleak Future for Party

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In a significant development, Lalan Paswan, a senior leader of the Janata Dal (United) (JD(U)), tendered his resignation from the party on Thursday. In a letter addressed to JD(U) national president Rajiv Ranjan Singh, Paswan officially resigned from his role as the state vice president and relinquished his primary party membership. This decision marked a clear departure from the party and raised questions about the internal dynamics of JD(U).

Accompanying Paswan’s departure, Prashant Kishor, the convener of Jan Suraaj, held a press conference in Sitamarhi where he made several notable statements. Kishor, who has been a prominent figure in Indian politics, commented on the current state of JD(U) and its leader, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Kishor began by referencing his earlier prediction regarding the BJP’s performance in Bengal, stating that the recent election results had validated his claim. He then turned his attention to Bihar and made a bold assertion, stating, “In Bihar, not even 5 seats will go in favor of Nitish Kumar’s JD(U), and I can give this in writing.” This prediction highlighted the challenges faced by JD(U) and its diminishing electoral prospects.

Kishor pointed to the weakened presence of JD(U) in Bihar’s political landscape, attributing the party’s decline to a lack of strong leadership and a diminishing faith in Nitish Kumar among party members. He expressed concerns about JD(U)’s future, stating that the party’s survival appeared increasingly precarious. Kishor squarely attributed this decline to Nitish Kumar himself, rather than other party leaders.

Kishor argued that Nitish Kumar’s leadership style had marred the reputation of JD(U), leading to a declining reliance on the party. He noted that JD(U), once a dominant political force in Bihar, had attracted promising individuals during the era of Lalu Prasad Yadav. However, the grassroots supporters and workers of JD(U), who had the potential to become effective leaders, either remained dormant or had become inactive.

The crux of Kishor’s criticism revolved around Nitish Kumar’s political decisions and their impact on the party. The continuous oscillation of Nitish Kumar’s loyalties and commitments had eroded the trust of the people of Bihar, leading them to desert the party. This unpredictability, according to Kishor, was a significant factor driving party members and supporters away from JD(U).

Lalan Paswan’s resignation and Prashant Kishor’s scathing assessment of JD(U)’s future prospects have set the stage for further discussions and debates within the party and the political landscape of Bihar.


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