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Self-Proclaimed Cow Vigilante Monu Manesar in Judicial Custody Amidst Communal Violence Charges

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Monu Manesar, a member of the Bajrang Dal and self-proclaimed cow vigilante who has been accused of inciting communal violence in Nuh, finds himself under judicial custody for a 14-day period, with detention extending until September 24. His arrest came after he was apprehended by the Crime Investigative Agency of Haryana Police while en route to a market in Manesar on Tuesday.

Rajasthan police authorities are actively coordinating with their counterparts in Haryana regarding Monu Manesar’s detention, as he faces charges linked to a case registered earlier this year.

Notably, Monu Manesar is embroiled in two significant cases: the Nuh violence case and the Junaid-Nasir lynching case. A video clip emerged during his arrest, revealing his original name as Mohit Yadav.

The violence that erupted in Haryana’s Nuh and surrounding districts, spilling into Gurugram, stemmed from a religious procession organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on July 31. During the procession in Mewat’s Nuh, allegations of an attack and stone-pelting emerged, further fueling the tensions.

Following the violence that erupted during the procession, rumors began to circulate that Monu Manesar’s presence at the Yatra had contributed to the unrest. However, the veracity of reports regarding his attendance or absence from the rally remained disputed and unconfirmed.

Monu Manesar’s detention marks another development in the ongoing investigations into the events surrounding the communal clashes in Nuh and surrounding areas, as authorities work to bring clarity to the situation and address the underlying issues contributing to the unrest.


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