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Sanjeev Jiva Shot Dead: Lawyers Protest Inside Lucknow Court Premises, Demand Commissioner’s Resignation

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Soon after Sanjeev Jiva, a close aide of Mukhtar Ansari, was shot dead, tensions gripped the Lucknow court premises.

Lawyers organised a vehement protest following the shocking incident in which Sanjeev Jeeva was fatally shot by a disguised shooter pretending to be a lawyer.

The infuriated lawyers rallied together, blaming the police for allegedly shielding criminals. With raised voices and determined expressions, a group of lawyers resolutely chanted slogans against the Lucknow Police, condemning their perceived inefficiency in providing adequate security.

Demanding accountability, the lawyers called for the resignation of the Lucknow Police Commissioner

In a display of their discontent, the lawyers decided to engage in a sit-in court premises.

In a shocking incident in Uttar Pradesh, firing at Lucknow Court resulted in the death of Sanjeev Jiva. It is reported that Sanjeev Jiva had close ties with Mukhtar Ansari. The shooter involved in the incident has been arrested.

The court complex had been barricaded and locked from inside amid heavy security presence after the shootout.

The shooter has been apprehended by police. More details on his identity are awaited. The lawyers protesting at the premises were seen slapping and abusing the shooter once he was arrested by police.

The attacker had reportedly come dressed as lawyer.

Amidst a chaotic turn of events, a police officer, a woman and an innocent girl found themselves caught in a cross-fire. Three of them sustained injuries and were immediately aided by cops who swiftly escorted them for prompt medical attention.

The girl, who had bullet injuries, is reportedly 2.5 years old.


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