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RPF Constable Opens Fire on Jaipur-Mumbai Express, Killing Senior Officer and Three Passengers

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On Monday morning, a tragic incident occurred aboard the Jaipur-Mumbai Central Superfast Express involving a Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable named Chetan Singh. He discharged 12 rounds from his automatic service weapon, resulting in the death of his senior, Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Tikaram Meena, along with three other passengers, identified as Abdul Kadir, Asgar Kai, and an unidentified individual.

Following the incident, the railway police promptly detained and took Singh into custody. Initially, after activating the train’s alarm chain, he attempted to flee by disembarking at Borivali. However, he later surrendered himself at the Bhayandar police station.

According to information from Mumbai’s Western Railway, the shooting was triggered by a heated argument that escalated along communal lines. The unfortunate event unfolded around 5 am, near Vaitarna Railway Station, approximately two hours away from Mumbai.

Singh discharged 12 rounds from his rifle, while ASI Tikaram Meena’s pistol was also used to fire 10 rounds. P C Sinha, Inspector General cum Principal Chief Security Commissioner of Western Railway, stated that Constable Chetan Singh was facing mental health issues, and it was revealed that he had recently returned from a period of leave.

This devastating incident has caused profound grief and concern among the authorities and the public alike. Investigations into the matter are ongoing to understand the exact sequence of events and the factors that led to this unfortunate loss of life.


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