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Rage Over Road Rage – A Political Hit and Run case?

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A definite anti-Government spin is being given to the provisions related to Accidental Hit and Run driving incidents in the new Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita.

Under the old law, in an hit and run case the driver was treated as a criminal.

Under the new law the driver will not be treated as criminal, provided the driver takes the victim to the hospital instead of running away. Moreover, the offence will be treated as bailable.

The rule is applicable to all kinds of drivers and not just truck driver’s.

It is true that in such cases drivers tend to flee from the scene to avoid mob lynching. The government has introduced provision of Capital Punishment in cases of mob lynching.

Instead what is being selectively hyped is that in such cases the maximum jail term is 7 years and hefty fine of Rs 7 lakhs, and if the offender tries to flee from the scene or fails to report the incident then the jail term could be increased to 10 years with similar hefty fine.

Agreed that not all the drivers indulge in rash or negligent driving.

What scares most people is the lengthy legal, police and paperwork that follows in such circumstances.

Another serious lacunae in the current scenario is that there is lack of emergency trauma care and emergency medical evacuation and treatment facilities especially on highways, especially in rural areas.

The current stir by trucker’s and motorist’s across Maharashtra appears to be politically motivated.

Just remember that most of the Trucker’s & Transport Unions are politically controlled by the Unions associated with or affiliated to the political parties.

It is being made to look like as if the drivers are protesting in isolation. What is not being revealed that in most cases truck drivers work for their bosses who in turn are members of politically affiliated trade unions.

What happened during the Farm Bills protest or the anti-CAA protests is being repeated all over again.

Hit and Run cases are not just limited to Truckers alone, individual rouge anti-social elements are also involved in such cases.

In the wee hours of the morning, a scary spectacle is often witnessed on the Western Express Highway between Bandra East up to Dahisar East toll check naka

Groups of teenagers on bikes or cars engage in racing from one end to another covering such a long distance in a matter of few minutes.

Traffic cops on night duty often turn a blind eye towards the antics of these teenagers who often get thrilled by driving the living daylights out of other motorists on roads. The cops often hesitate to act as these spoiled brats are from rich and influential families.

Who can forget the tragic death of the son of former Indian Test Cricket captain Mohammed Azharuddin in September 2011 in Hyderabad.

The BMC has its Pedestrian First Policy, but pedestrians are often forced to walk on the roads as the footpaths are illegally encroached by pavement dwellers or hawkers.

People can afford to buy costly bikes and cars worth Lakh’s & Crores of Rupees, they wont mind availing vehicle loans for buying costly. It is the Transporters who are formenting trouble.

Kumari Rajashri Parmar Foundation, Pune based NGO has been doing yeoman service in the field of Road Safety.

We dont have a robust, viable, affordable and efficient public transport system in place.

In countries like Singapore owning ones own Private car is quite a costly affair.

Owing a car in Singapore will now be more expensive. To purchase a car in Singapore, a buyer must bid for a “Certificate of Entitlement” (COE) which now costs 106,000 Singapore dollars, equivalent to Rs 64.35 lakh in Indian currency. In the U.S., one can own four Toyota Camry Hybrids in the same amount. Buying a Parking Lot itself is quite costly.

In countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Sweden elected representatives and former Prime Ministers use public transport to commute to their office.

Like the Farm Bills, CAA, the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita bills were debated in the Parliament and are not being enforced out of the blue.

The government has swiftly clarified that the laws are yet to be enforced and will not be implemented until talks are held with all the stakeholders like the All India Motor Transport Congress.

Most of the times basic traffic rules, regulations and laws are not followed. Like wearing helmets, wearing seat belts or giving first preferance or way to ambulances and pedestrians.

Its said that once upon a time in UK traffic used to stop if a Victoria Cross recepient happend to cross the road. Such were road manners then. Today pedestrians are at the mercy of the rash driving motorists and biker’s

People and families have lost their near and dear ones, often their only bread winners in road rage incidents. Anybody speaks for them?

Agreed there are a whole lot of issues like good roads, road infrastructure facilities, toll and other issues. But who pays for it if one does not pay his or her public taxes?

Nobody is talking here about the environment damage that vehicular pollution causes.

Its only when laws will be made strict will one find initial resistance and later on acceptance.

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Prashant Hamine
Prashant Hamine
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