HomePoliticsProviding facilities to those guarding borders top priority: Rajnath Singh

Providing facilities to those guarding borders top priority: Rajnath Singh


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said providing maximum facilities to those guarding India’s borders is the top priority of the government.

In an address at an event organised by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), he said ensuring the development of the border areas is a major part of the government’s comprehensive defence strategy.

“Our top priority is to provide maximum facilities to those who are working day and night for our security, who are the guards of the border of this country,” Singh said.

The defence minister also lauded the BRO for improving infrastructure in the border regions of the country.

Citing the example of the development of the northeastern region, Singh said it now has become a “new gateway” for the overall development of the country.

“Roads have been of great importance in the journey of human civilization. Be it education or health, trade or food supply, the strategic needs of armies, industry or other tasks of socio-economic progress, the role of roads and bridges is key to achieving them,” he said.


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