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One-sided love turns tragic: Man stabs woman, dies by suicide in Delhi’s Begumpur

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Days after Shahbad Dairy incident, in another stabbing incident in the Begumpur area of Delhi, a man named Amit stabbed a woman and subsequently took his own life, reported ANI on Saturday. The incident reportedly occurred as a result of the refusal of Amit’s love by the victim woman, highlighting the devastating consequences of one-sided affection.

The woman is currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital, battling the physical and emotional trauma inflicted upon her.

Both Amit and the woman were employed at an event management company, presumably crossing paths frequently in their professional lives. It was revealed that Amit had previously expressed his feelings to the woman, only to be rejected by her. However, undeterred by her refusal, Amit got furious, eventually leading to this tragic event.

The Delhi Police have launched a thorough investigation into the incident, aiming to uncover all pertinent details surrounding the case.


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