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Odisha Train Tragedy: People queue up to donate blood for injured at Balasore hospital

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After the tragic train accident in Balasore, people have queued up at a hospital in the area to donate blood for the injured. Balasore district hospital looked like a war zone with the injured lying on stretchers in the corridor and rooms bursting at their seams with extra beds propped up. Harried medical staff were seen trying to bring succour to patients many of whom are from states other than Odisha and had difficulties in communicating. In all some 526 railway accident victims have been admitted to this one single hospital.

Policemen and locals have been volunteering to donate blood at this and many hospitals through the night, said officials. More than 2,000 people gathered at the Balasore Medical College and Hospital in the night to help the injured, and many also donated blood.

Chief Secretary Jena thanked the volunteers who donated blood to the accident victims in their hour of need. “Five hundred units of blood collected overnight here at Balasore. Nine hundred units in stock at present. This will help in treating the accident victims. I’m personally indebted & grateful to all the volunteers who’ve donated blood for a noble cause,” Jena tweeted.


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