No Eid namaz, no hugging and no handshake: Here’s what Muslim community think

Thane: This year’s Eid al-Fitr will be different in many ways, amidst the corona pandemic all the mosques have been shut and no prayer are being offered. So Muslims are making sure that they stay at their homes in this Eid and try to meet fewer people as they can. Many Islamic scholars have issued guidelines that in this pandemic there should be no namaz at the mosque, following which there shall be no hugging and handshake.

“We didn’t go to masjid this year in Ramzan, taravi was not performed, and the country is under lockdown how we can go in a masjid just for Eid namaz. I just request all my brothers to stay at home perform nafil namaz at home this Eid,” said Irshad Khan.

In other parts of country Masjid Committee- apex body of mosques and clerics- has formally announced that Eid namaz will not be held for public. Only five selected people will offer Eid namaz at mosques or Eidgah while people will offer namaz at their homes.

“During this pandemic people should avoid going to their relatives house, and try to maintain social distancing and no hugs and handshakes should be done,” said Farhan Siddique .

In Bhopal, special instructions were issued that Eid greetings with hugs should be avoided and social distancing norms be followed. The Masjid Committee has appealed that Eid celebrations should be restricted within homes along with family members.

Same instruction was issued in Karnataka; the community has decided to make it an Eid without namaz at the mosque, and without any hugging, handshake, public gathering or visiting relatives and friends.

Community elders have issued a six-point mandate for everyone to follow and ensure that Idgah maidans remain empty this year. “It is impossible to hold any kind of gathering in the current pandemic situation… Hence, Eid namaz will not be organised at Eidgah maidans. We appeal to all Muslim brothers and sisters not to hug during greetings… the virus could spread. Avoid outings also as it is harmful. Stay home and save yourself and save others too,” said Maqsood Imran, imam of the Jama Masjid in Bengaluru that presides over all other mosques in the state said to News18.

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