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NCB-Mumbai Busts Inter-State Drug Trafficking Syndicate, Seizes 20 kgs Of Mephedrone

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In a significant operation, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Mumbai has dealt a severe blow to an inter-state drug trafficking syndicate operating out of Dongri, Mumbai. The crackdown resulted in the arrest of key members, including a female kingpin, and the seizure of 20 kgs of Mephedrone. The authorities also recovered a substantial amount of cash and gold ornaments that were believed to be proceeds from drug-related activities.

Based on initial information and active intelligence, the NCB-Mumbai uncovered a drug trafficking syndicate operating from Dongri, Mumbai. The syndicate was engaged in the large-scale distribution of Mephedrone in various parts of the MMR region. Surveillance and intelligence operations led to the identification of N. Khan as a key person associated with the syndicate. Earlier, information was obtained regarding a significant Mephedrone deal, including the finalization of financial transactions.

On June 9, reliable information was received indicating that N. Khan possessed a considerable quantity of Mephedrone at his residence in Dongri. The NCB-Mumbai swiftly set up a discreet operation around his location. A Ali, an associate of N Khan, was intercepted, and 3 kgs of Mephedrone were recovered from him. Subsequently, a search of N Khan’s premises led to the discovery of another 2 kgs of the illicit substance. During questioning, N Khan revealed the involvement of AF Shaikh, a Dongri-based supplier, in the drug trafficking operation.


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