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Mumbai’s Kaali-Peeli Taxi Drivers Announce Strike for Fare Hike

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Kaali-peeli taxi drivers, operating from Mumbai’s international airport terminal 2, have taken the decision to go on strike on October 19, with the aim of drawing the government’s attention to their pressing concerns and demanding a fare increase.

Representing their interests, former MLA and spokesperson of Shiv Sena, Krishna Hedge, has written a letter to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, outlining the challenges faced by the approximately 3,000 kaali-peeli taxi drivers in Mumbai.

In his letter to CM Shinde, Hedge emphasized that the taxi drivers have been subjected to regulations set by the Kathua committee, and the approved fares are no longer sufficient for them to make a decent living.

Furthermore, Hedge alleged that “taxi drivers have to wait the whole day, and they hardly get two trips a day, making it increasingly difficult for them to make ends meet. In contrast, private taxi aggregators receive better fares for their services.”

Hedge has formally requested the government to consider increasing the fare rate by Rs 3 per kilometer for all kaali-peeli taxi drivers operating from the airport, aiming to provide them with a more sustainable income.

He added, “There are several substantial fines imposed on taxi and rickshaw drivers for minor offenses. A fine of ₹1500.00 for a double parking offense is particularly burdensome, especially when the driver is following the commuter’s instructions. This places an undue financial strain on taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers.”

The strike on October 19 will serve as a collective demonstration of the kaali-peeli taxi drivers’ grievances and their demand for a fare hike, while raising questions about the economic challenges they face in the competitive transportation landscape of Mumbai.


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