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Meet famous and the youngest social activist of North Kashmir, Sahil Farooq Khan

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Srinagar: Meet Sahil Farooq Khan, a 19-year-old young boy from North Kashmir’s Handwara sub district.  He has been active in the field of social activism for the last 6 years.

I think nothing is much worthy than being the helping hand towards the society because it teaches the moral values and ethics and holds the man responsible for being quite, gentle and kind hearted towards the human society, Whenever you contribute something towards the society either by one way or than other ,it generates the level of  ubiquitous confidence in your body and it tends then to do more and more for the society and this is what being social activist taught me and made me aware how it feels whenever you do anything for the people .

Sahil said every single problem that he faced in his society motivated him to be a social activist. He said every single person should be a social activist because it’s everyone’s right to guard his or her society. 

Sahil is working on various social issues that are happening in our society like a measure problem of drug abuse, he said our youth is badly involved in drugs and being a social activist.  He said with the support of the Indian Army and district administration he had done a lot of anti-drug programmes, campaigns. Sahil guided and motivated hundreds of young youths to steer clear from drug abuse.

Sahil is currently running an NGO in the name of Youth Civil Society (YCS) with the purpose to remove various social issues from our society. He said it was only by the support of his family and the Indian Army that he did these things. He had also done a lot of awareness programmes on women harassment, road traffic issues, youth empowerment, women empowerment etc.

People hope that Sahil will continue to do the same, and will flourish in the years to come, which will help for the betterment of Jammu and Kashmir. He has to take all these responsibilities on his shoulders, and we wish him all the very best.


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