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Parliament Breach: Mastermind Lalit Jha Destroys Phones, Flees to Rajasthan; Arrested Upon Return

A gripping saga unfolds in the aftermath of the Parliament security breach case as the alleged mastermind, Lalit Jha, takes evasive action, burning mobile phones belonging to himself and his associates after absconding to Rajasthan’s Kuchaman, divulged sources within the police department.

Revelations indicate that prior to the incident, all four implicated individuals had entrusted their mobile devices to Jha, strategically aiming to shield crucial investigative details from law enforcement as they braced themselves for potential arrests.

Upon his arrival in Kuchaman, Jha found refuge through an acquaintance named Mahesh, whose assistance secured lodging for the night. The startling connection between the two, as per Jha’s interrogation, stemmed from a virtual encounter on Facebook.

However, Delhi Police are diligently scrutinizing the veracity of Jha’s assertions. Further unraveling the intricate web of events, Jha, present outside the parliament, purportedly recorded video footage of two accomplices, intending to disseminate it.

In a tactical move leading up to Jha’s apprehension, authorities, leveraging technical surveillance, initially detained Mahesh’s cousin, Kailash. Subsequent interrogation led to information suggesting Mahesh and Lalit’s venture to Delhi. Eventually, upon Jha’s return, the long arm of the law closed in, resulting in his arrest.

The unfolding narrative surrounding Jha’s escapades and the series of calculated moves continues to be the focal point of a meticulous investigation by law enforcement agencies, unraveling a tale rife with intrigue and strategy.

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