Marathi language is inscribed on rocks, hearts and hills: CM Thackeray

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Thursday sought to downplay worries about decline of Marathi, saying that it is “inscribed on rocks, hearts and hills” and has survived foreign rule. Thackeray was speaking at a function at the Vidhan Bhavan (state legislature complex) to celebrate Marathi Language Day.

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar and other ministers too were present. “When we celebrate `Marathi Bhasha Din’, why do we do it by expressing concern about what will happen to Marathi?” the chief minister said.

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“Marathi is not an ordinary language. Leave aside the language, there was a time when even the hoof-beats of the horses that Marathas rode made enemies run helter-skelter,” he said. “Marathi is inscribed on rocks, hearts and hills.

Only speaking the language should suffice,” Thackeray said. Marathi survived Mughal and British rules, he pointed out. The chief minister also asked why there was a need for anyone’s approval for granting the status of classical language to Marathi. “Those who are seeking evidence of whether Marathi is a classical language wouldn’t have been born had Shivaji Maharaj not been there,” he said.

Stressing the need to imbibe Marathi culture, he also asked why schools are not named for Maharashtrian saints such as Tukaram, Namdev and others. He respects other languages, the chief minister added. Ajit Pawar said the urge to speak the language should “come from within”.

Marathi should be used in trade and also in computer operations, he said. The deputy CM lauded the recent passage of a bill in the Legislative Council making Marathi a compulsory subject in the schools of all boards in Maharashtra. – Inputs from PTI 

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