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Kolhapur: Police Trying To Find Who Influenced Minor Boys To Share Status With Aurangzeb Photos, 36 Arrested

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In the Kolhapur violence that rocked the district on Wednesday, according to recent reports in media, minors were told to create social media handles glorifying the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb to provoke unrest and escape legal action. Several such accounts had come up in the last few days. According to media reports, minors were used for this to avoid serious charges under law that is slapped on people found involved in trying to stoke communal tensions as minors can only get the maximum punishment of serving time in correction homes sans any serious charges.

It is suspected that the involvement of minors is a well-chalked out strategy by those behind the incident. Speaking to the media, Kolhapur Superintendent of Police Mahendra Pandit said that some juvenile youth had posted a mobile status with the photos of Aurangzeb, which some others also adopted.

The SP said that besides probing the status of the minor boys, they are attempting to find out who influenced or goaded them to do so to pinpoint if there is any conspiracy, as per news agency IANS.

“The situation of Kolhapur city and district has become normal since yesterday afternoon. 4 SRPF company, 300 Police constables and 60 officers deployed,” said police.


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