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‘Killed Her For My Honour, This Is Lesson For School Girls’: Punjab Man Who Dragged Daughter’s Body Behind Bike

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The Nihang Sikh who allegedly killed his 16-year-old daughter on Thursday has been arrested by the Amritsar Police a day after the gruesome incident.

The accused reportedly tied his daughter to his motorbike and dragged it through the Muchhal village in Punjab’s Amritsar district. The act was said to have been committed as a response to the daughter leaving home without informing her parents for a single day only to return with a boy. This sight seemed to have triggered the father’s violent response, leading to the tragic event.

In a statement to the media on Friday, the accused Nihang Singh admitted, “I killed my daughter because she stayed outside with somebody. I killed her because of my pride, and this will also serve as a lesson to girls studying in 6th and 7th class.”

A CCTV camera captured the moment when the man was seen dragger his daughter’s body behind his bike at full speed. The footage has gone viral on social media with viewers expressing their shock and disgust at the father’s actions against his own daughter.


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