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Ink Attack on Chandrakant Patil at Solapur Government Rest House

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An activist associated with the Bhim Army created a commotion at the government rest house in Solapur when he threw blue ink at Chandrakant Patil, who recently assumed the role of Guardian Minister for Solapur district. This incident occurred during Patil’s first visit to Solapur on Sunday evening, and the protest was primarily motivated by discontent over the government’s policy to privatize public sector jobs.

The individual responsible for the ink attack, identified as Ajay Mendergikar, was promptly apprehended by the police. Notably, this was not the first incident of its kind at the Solapur government rest house. Last month, the former Guardian Minister, Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil, had also been targeted by an attack when Shekhar Bangale, the coordinator of the Dhangar Reservation Action Committee, assaulted him. This has put law enforcement agencies on high alert, ensuring the safety of ministers during their visits to the government rest house.

Upon Chandrakant Patil’s arrival, police implemented strict security measures, subjecting all visitors to thorough checks. Shekhar Bangale, who had previously been involved in the attack on Vikhe-Patil, attempted to submit a memorandum to Chandrakant Patil but was swiftly taken into custody by the vigilant police. Despite the tight security in place, Ajay Mendergikar managed to breach the police cordon and throw ink at the minister.

Prior to the ink-throwing incident, protestors had gathered, waving black flags and chanting slogans that condemned the policies of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Their opposition extended to contract-based job recruitment, which was a focal point of their discontent.

Chandrakant Patil’s visit to Solapur district was scheduled for two days, and despite the tight security measures in place, this incident unfolded upon his arrival at the government rest house, highlighting the ongoing tensions and protests surrounding public sector job policies.


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