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Indian Army Organizes Gujjar & Bakarwal Mela at Chak Kigam to Foster Unity and Celebrate Culture

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In a heartwarming effort to strengthen ties between nomadic tribes and the Indian Army while promoting a sense of belonging and togetherness, the Indian Army organized a vibrant Gujjar & Bakarwal Mela at Chak Kigam.

The Gujjar & Bakarwal Mela showcased an array of cultural and sports activities, featuring enthusiastic participation from locals and school children. The event kicked off with an exhilarating horse race, setting the tone for a day filled with cultural performances by students from various local schools.

Diverse Entertainment and Education:
Throughout the event, attendees were treated to a range of fun-filled activities and games, adding a sense of excitement and camaraderie. One of the highlights was the opportunity for locals to learn from numerous stalls hosted by the horticulture and handicraft departments, where traditional knowledge and craftsmanship were on full display. Additionally, a medical camp and an Agnipath scheme awareness information cell were set up to benefit the community.

Community Engagement and Distinguished Guests:
The Gujjar & Bakarwal Mela drew the attention of renowned local dignitaries, including the District Development Commissioner (DDC), government officials, and influential figures from the Gujjar community. The event garnered a substantial attendance, with approximately 1150 locals coming together to celebrate their culture and heritage.

A Lasting Impression:
The mela left a lasting impression on the large audience, providing a unique platform for youth to showcase their hidden talents in various games and cultural programs. The event received acclaim from both school staff and local residents, who praised the opportunity it offered to nurture the talents and skills of the younger generation while celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Gujjar and Bakarwal communities.

The Gujjar & Bakarwal Mela at Chak Kigam served as a remarkable initiative to bridge communities, foster unity, and celebrate the vibrant culture of the nomadic tribes, further strengthening the bonds between these communities and the Indian Army.


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