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India Offers Air India One to Canada, Trudeau’s Delayed Departure Finally Resolved

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In a gesture of international goodwill, the Government of India extended a helping hand to Canada by offering the use of Air India One, the official aircraft of the Indian Prime Minister, to facilitate the swift return of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his delegation. This offer came after a technical issue with their plane had caused a significant delay in their departure from India.

The offer to send Air India One was made by the Indian government a full 24 hours before Prime Minister Trudeau’s eventual departure. However, Canada subsequently expressed regret and declined the offer, opting to wait for their own aircraft to be operational.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his delegation had been stranded in India for over 40 hours following the conclusion of the G20 Summit in New Delhi due to a snag in their official aircraft. Earlier, there were reports that the flight, en route to India to retrieve the Canadian Prime Minister, had been diverted for unspecified reasons.

Initially, the Canadian government had announced that the earliest possible departure for Prime Minister Trudeau and his delegation from Delhi would be on Tuesday, September 12, late afternoon. During this time, Canada’s armed forces were actively working to resolve the technical issues with their plane.

The delay had disrupted the original schedule for the Canadian Prime Minister and his delegation, who were supposed to leave New Delhi promptly after the G20 summit concluded on Sunday. However, the situation has now been resolved, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his delegation are expected to return to Canada without further delay.

This incident highlights the importance of international cooperation and demonstrates the close relationship between India and Canada, even in times of unexpected challenges.


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